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Cleveland: The real magic of Believeland

The city known for believing in comebacks for its economy, its sports teams and its people, now has something else to believe in: the power of magic for critically ill children. Open Heart Magic has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to empower young patients with our proven Hospital Bedside Magic® program. Today, our specially trained Hospital Magicians are supporting the work of some of the finest nurses and doctors in medicine – by giving sick kids the strength and hope they need to keep fighting to get better.

Powerful medicine, empowering magic

Because the Cleveland Clinic is known for advanced medical care, parents bring their critically ill children here from around Ohio and across America. Our certified Hospital Magicians work closely with staff in the Child Life Department and the Infection Prevention Department to safely reach kids at critical points in their treatment. Since being launched at the Cleveland Clinic in 2016, this Bedside Magic® program is already reaching hundreds of sick kids each year.

Our hospital partnerships

Cleveland Clinic Children’s
University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s

Where volunteers make a real difference

Our Bedside Magic program in Cleveland is only a couple years old, with tremendous potential to grow and reach thousands of hospitalized kids. Right now, certified Hospital Magicians are working one-to-one with young patients at their hospital bedsides. With your help, this team can continue to grow and reach thousands more kids. You can make Open Heart Magic the best place to volunteer in Cleveland.

Supporting sick kids & Bedside Magic in Cleveland

We can’t do this without you

The foundation for success has been set and the goal now is to grow Bedside Magic to reach more sick kids in Cleveland. That’s no small task. However, there is a huge need for a larger, more all-encompassing program at the Cleveland Clinic – one that will require more volunteer Hospital Magicians. To help Bedside Magic program reach its full potential for young patients in Cleveland, we need a community of dedicated, passionate supporters rallying behind us. There are many ways you can help our mission to reach every hospitalized child in Cleveland. Help us help Ohio kids get their magic back.