Get Involved – Overview

Quite possibly, the best place to volunteer

The secret behind Open Heart Magic’s success Is our tremendous community of volunteers. Whether they wear black Hospital Magician coats, strap on running shoes for our Charity team, or sport our famous, red heart-logo shirts, our volunteers go above and beyond to help Hospital Bedside Magic® programs reach thousands of sick kids and their families each year.

Great people doing great things — that’s what makes Open Heart Magic probably the best place to volunteer in Chicago.

Volunteer: become a Certified Hospital Magician

It takes a special person to become a Hospital Magician. For the uninitiated, walking into the hospital room of a critically ill child can be intimidating. Our 12-week Magic University training prepares volunteers to excel in the hospital environment, helping them feel confident and at ease.

At Open Heart Magic, we do more than teach our volunteers professional magic skills. We teach them how to adapt to the unpredictable hospital environment.

All applicants are thoroughly vetted before being invited to 
attend Magic University. This process includes submission 
of a completed application, a phone interview and an 
in-person interview.

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Do something epic: run for the Charity Team

Our Charity Team members compete year-round in marathons, triathlons and personal challenge races to raise funds and awareness for Open Heart Magic. Our athletes use their strength and endurance to help our Hospital Magicians bring magic to more kids. Join our team today and use your muscle to strengthen sick kids.

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Elevate Bedside Magic: join the Professional Board

Want to build your resume while doing good? Each year, our Professional Board pushes Open Heart Magic to new levels. Thanks to this passionate group of driven local influencers, our Annual Benefit has become a sold-out, 750-person gala to remember. This fun and social group continues to think outside the box and come up with creative new ways to help more sick kids get their magic back.

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