Support Kids – Corporate Sponsors

When you sponsor Open Heart Magic you help sick kids fight at that most critical point of treatment – and we’ll make sure people know you were a part of that fight.

Your brand, our passion.

Hospital Bedside Magic® relies on the financial support of inspiring companies to grow and reach thousands of sick kids each year. Our dedicated corporate sponsors help us reach annual goals and set future ones. When a company partners with a charity that helps sick kids, it’s a win-win. You strengthen your firm’s standing in the community. And you strengthen critically ill kids.

Support Bedside Magic – Help kids in the fight of their lives

Special volunteers, backed by special corporations

Our volunteer is working in pediatric intensive care when a family receives heartbreaking news about their daughter’s condition. Fortunately, thanks to intensive Magic University training, this volunteer knows how to help a family in crisis, how to distract a child in pain, and how to keep a discouraged young patient from giving up. Of course, all the processes, people and supplies that go into our outstanding Magic University training require funding. That’s where your company can make a real difference.

Of course, all the processes, people and supplies that go into our outstanding Magic University training require funding. That’s where your company can make a real difference.

Sick children count on us – and you

At the end of a long day of treatment, young patients look forward to visits from their hospital magicians. Hospital staff even use the promise of magician visits to distract patients from difficult procedures. Knowing this makes our responsibility to young patients all the more important. Our goal is to reach every child in the hospital. Our volunteer teams work tirelessly to see as many kids as possible on service nights.

Your brand, our vision

Our vision is to strengthen sick kids using the therapeutic power of magic. Our corporate relationships help turn that vision into a reality for thousands of sick children each year.

Exciting sponsorship opportunities

Annual Chicago Benefit

OHM’s marquee event has become Chicago’s can’t-miss party of the year. This 4-hour upscale open bar features some of the city’s finest food, close-up magicians, a silent auction, and plenty more to keep guests entertained – and satiated – throughout the night. 600 projected tickets sold—held in April, since 2006

Annual Black-Tie Gala

Attendees dress to the nines for this illustrious gala at The Casino Club of Chicago. For 5 hours, guests enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres, specialty cocktails, gaming, and a late-night dance floor. Personal invites from our Board of Directors make it a star-studded affair. 250 projected tickets sold—held in November, since 2017

Charity Team

Sponsoring our Charity Team is a great way to put your brand literally on the backs of runners who are doing something epic for sick kids. Your company’s visibility will be at full blast as these dedicated athletes race past thousands of cheering onlookers. Plus, pairing your company’s name with “Magic” is bound to turn a few heads.

Sometimes “Thank You” isn’t enough

We believe that sponsors of Open Heart Magic deserve more than a thank-you and a high five. We want to make sure your firm receives the recognition and publicity you deserve. From photo opportunities highlighting your firm’s generosity to wall plaques to hang in your company’s lobby, we’re committed to giving back to our sponsors. We are happy to publicize your support to whatever extent you wish. For example, we can provide articles about your support for use in your company newsletter, on your website and in your social media posts. We want you to know how grateful we are for your support. And by the way, we do give great high fives.