Get Involved – Professional Board

Our beloved Professional Board. You will never find a more passionate group of drivers and over-achievers.

Elevate Hospital Bedside Magic®: join the Professional Board

Open Heart Magic is a proven leader in nonprofit operations. Our success is fueled by creative thinking, strategic planning, a lean operating staff, and an engaged community of supporters and volunteers. The work of our Professional Board is critical to our mission of reaching more sick kids every year. These dedicated professionals leverage their business networks to build awareness and raise funds for Open Heart Magic.

Use your networks for good on the Professional Board.

The Professional Board members direct their energy towards a greater good. Their ability to think outside the box and push the envelope has taken Open Heart Magic’s impact to new heights. Every Board member is actively involved in shaping initiatives, leading and collaborating on projects, and having an awesome time with passionate people who quickly become close friends.

Go to meetings you’ll actually want to attend

We understand that your time is valuable. By staying focused on the tasks at hand, the Professional Board is able to meet just once per month. These meetings pave the way for work by committees and give members the direction they need to help Open Heart Magic reach its goals. Strategy brainstorming and event planning has never been this much fun!

Benefits of serving on the Professional Board:

  • Learn aspects of nonprofit operations
  • Become part of a tight-knit group where friendships develop easily
  • Build your own network with great connections in various fields
  • Develop new skills while advancing Open Heart Magic’s mission
  • Discover what it takes to put on multi-scale fundraising benefits
  • Excel in your career and your personal life
  • Be part of a fun, yet driven community


Who is in our community

The members of our Professional Board are passionate, driven and committed to Open Heart Magic’s success. They tend to be great at multi-tasking — keeping our agendas on track and our meetings focused. We meet individually with each prospective Board member to be sure it is a mutually good fit.

More than just a resume builder

While the overriding goal of Professional Board members is to bring Bedside Magic® to sick kids, all the heavy lifting they do is done behind the scenes. Professional Board members are charged with raising funds and awareness for Open Heart Magic, so that our certified Hospital Magicians can reach hospitalized kids at critical points in their treatment.

Professional Board Members work hard, and play hard

This is a group that loves to have fun. One reason the OHM Professional Board is so productive is that its members become good friends. And fundraising with friends is simply more fun. Our Professional Board members hold quarterly social events; have an infamous post-Benefit Success Celebration; and support and attend each other’s charity events.

Roll up your sleeves. It’s time to get to work

Open Heart Magic’s hospital programs have doubled and tripled in size over the past few years — even being launched in two new states. Our Professional Board is setting us up for long-term success by organizing our Annual Benefit, a sold-out, 600-person event to remember. Professional Board members keep Open Heart Magic top of mind in their workplaces and circles of influence. Without the Professional Board, sick kids in hospitals would face a much, much tougher fight.

What our community is saying

“Being a member of the Professional Board is the creative outlet I was searching for. It’s a fantastic group of talented people coming together to help support sick kids and our magical community.”

Kylie Farrell, President

“Being on the Professional Board provides me with a sense of community and camaraderie. I’ve made some great friends here…and as a magician, I get to see the impact of the amazing work we do on the Professional Board firsthand.”

Rey Shallwani, Annual Benefit Co-Chair

Want to know more?

If you feel your talents would be well suited for the Professional Board, please send an email and our President will be in touch.