Make a little magic. Make a huge difference.
Help sick kids in Ann Arbor get their own magic back.

Open Heart Magic is currently accepting applications to volunteer and bring magic to sick kids
at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. If you are looking for the best volunteer experience you have
found it as a Hospital Magician. Apply today to bring smiles and laughter to sick kids.

Being a Hospital Magician is a
Unique and Special Opportunity

Being a Hospital Magician is a Unique and Special Opportunity

Volunteer Open Heart Magic Hospital Magicians
transform the experience sick kids have in hospitals.
As one of our specially trained volunteers, you’ll
learn and use close up magic at their hospital
bedsides to help kids get throughrough patches
in their treatment, past relapses, and over difficult
humps. You’ll use techniques to help reengage kids,
make their fears go away and help them laugh again.
We call it helping them get their magic back.

A Truly Powerful Volunteer Experience

As a Hospital Magician volunteer, it will be common to be followed out by parents and told “You know, that’s the first time I’ve seen my child laugh since we’ve been here. I can’t thank you enough.” The moment is indescribable. You will see kids in pain transformed into laughing kids again who will be able to forget where they’re at as they show the magic you taught them to nurses and doctors. You’re no longer a teacher, accountant or wiffle-bat manufacturer - you’re a magician who the kids have been waiting for, whose visits the hospital staff will use to help young patients look forward past a painful or uncomfortable medical treatment. You’ll create memories that will last for years.

Magic University - No Magic Experience Required

You don’t need to know any magic – we teach it all! You’ll learn fun, interactive, close-up magic - the absolutely best magic to use to engage young patients as well as your friends. It’s fun to perform as its professional level magic that we will teach you from A-Z. Magic University classes meet once a week in the evenings for 12 weeks, with in-person, hands-on training, and online instructional videos to facilitate skill development as easy as possible. It’s a fair amount of work, but in the end you will see why it’s worth it. The kids, their families and hospital staff will all love your service and the Bedside Magic that you provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

What is the schedule like for a Hospital Magician?

The service itself is typically scheduled on evenings during the week. It is also built out to be service every other week.

What is the Volunteer Commitment?

Open Heart Magic requires all volunteers to make a commitment of 1-year of service from when they start in the hospital. After that year is up, volunteers can reapply to continue on with service to ensure that only those who are truly commited are working with sick kids at their bedside.

Is there an age requirement to apply?

Yes. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age. Due to the sensitive nature of working one-on-one with a patient at their bedside, hospital requirements, and the importance of having control of their own schedule, among other reasons, we require our volunteers to be at least 21 years of age.

How much magic background do I need to have?

None! Seriously. Open Heart Magic has designed Magic University to teach everyone everything that they need to know to provide an amazing experience for sick kids. We just need fun, engaged, and dedicated individuals.

Do I have to attend the Magic University training if I have experience?

Yes. To ensure that everyone understands the sensitive nature of working with kids in the hospital we require ALL Hospital Magician candidates go through the training and evaluation process of Magic University.

Is there a chance I won’t be able to learn the magic?

It is a new skill. So much like learning an instrument or a new language it takes practice, focus and determination. The magic is professional style magic and something that one must be dedicated to taking on. But it’s worth it trust us!

Have more questions? Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask us directly!